SAT Prep

SCAD-logoIf SAT preparation (Vancouver & Lower Mainland) is your goal, look no further.  The weekly SAT classes, and 5-day SAT workshops offered by Select College Admissions, in collaboration with Can-AM Test Prep Academy, will help prepare you for the exam.

These classes cover test-taking strategies that will teach students special tactics, enabling them to conquer every type of question on all components of the exam, including Math, Critical Reading, Writing and the Essay portion. As well, we offer 1-day refresher courses aimed at recall and reinforcement of previously acquired knowledge and skills, timed strategically one week prior to the official exam dates in order for students to have the opportunity to review all portions of the SAT. Our courses are taught by PowerPoint and are of superior quality in terms of both curriculum and instruction. We use a textbook with multiple sample tests and we provide cutting edge strategy as well as content review. Our instructors are top-notch and have superb knowledge of the SAT exam and years of experience teaching the SAT here and in the US.

We are happy to provide advice on when and how to register, when to begin SAT Prep, and the timing of tests so that students can optimize results. Mock exams are available and can be scheduled on demand, individually or in a group setting. These are officially released SAT exams and are timed and administered in similar conditions to the real exams. Test time is approximately 4 hours, including the essay portion.

The SAT is one of two exams accepted by US universities for admission.  If you’re undecided about whether to take the SAT or the ACT exam, take our SAT/ACT Diagnostic to determine which test you are best suited for. Contact Select College Admissions for all your test prep needs.



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