Study & Organizational Skills

SCAD-logoBecoming an Active Learner: Improving Study Skills and Organization

Study and Organizational Skills sessions and workshops are designed to review basic study skills as well as provide organizational help to promote more effective study habits in students. Students will take a short online test to assess learning style and productivity issues, in turn allowing us to work towards building their confidence through valuable self-knowledge.  Improved study and organizational skills help students not just in high school, but lay the groundwork for success at university and beyond.  Students are encouraged to bring their school agendas (planners) and school notebooks and binders with them.

Success-SCADThrough better time management, communication, and improved organizational skills, students manage to:

  •        Set S.M.A.R.T. goals,
  •        Build effective study skills,
  •        Develop efficient work habits and learning strategies,
  •        Develop relationships with teachers and communicate more effectively,
  •        Advocate for themselves in and out of school,
  •        Identify available resources and support systems,
  •        Improve grades,
  •        Learn to stay on track,
  •        Increase confidence.

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