U.S. University Admissions

SCAD-logoThe U.S. university admissions process is not only competitive and extremely complex, it also requires several years of preparation. In addition to  ACT or SAT, and SAT Subject Test scores, letters of recommendation,  a list extracurricular activities, and school marks for grades 9-12 are considered in the decision-making process which leads to acceptance or rejection.

For students who wish to gain admission to the most selective universities, it is imperative to begin preparation early. Admission rates to universities such as Stanford, MIT, Caltech and the Ivy League universities  are in the single digits. Even with competitive academic and extracurricular credentials, students must put extensive effort into the presentation of their case through the application and supplemental material.  Their success in doing so is often determinative of admissions success.

Select College Admissions’ staff work individually with each student in order to plan ahead, brainstorm, strategize, revise and optimize each application.   This individualized approach has led to the success of our students and admission to the likes of Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Brown, University of Chicago, Caltech, Rice and Stanford.  Please don’t hesitate to contact Select College Admissions for any of your U.S. university admissions needs.





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