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The SAT (Scholastic Assessment Test) and the ACT (American College Testing) are standardized tests for university admission in the United States.  It is quite well known that a fear of the unknown and testing anxiety often have negative impact on test-day performance. Practice is an integral part of doing well in any endeavor.  Mock exams for the SAT and the ACT are a good way to practice for the exams and gauge readiness for taking the real tests.  Through mock tests, students will gain insight into their strengths and weaknesses and will thus be able to put extra effort into areas that require more practice, thereby boosting their score on the real exam.

At Select College Admissions, we regularly offer full-length mock exams to students preparing for the SAT and ACT in order to provide them with a perfect low-stakes environment to practice for the tests. These are officially released SAT and ACT exams and are timed and administered in similar conditions to the real exams.  Test time is approximately 4 hours.  Both exams include the essay portion.

We allow students to keep their test booklets and provide students with their corrected score sheets so they can see which questions were marked correct and which were the right responses for the questions they marked incorrectly or left blank.  We strongly encourage our students to sign up for our SAT and ACT preparation classes as well as to take at least a few mock SAT or ACT tests prior to challenging the real exams.

Mock tests are offered on demand and may be scheduled any time outside of our regular mock test timetable.  Tests may also be scheduled with accommodations for students with learning disabilities.

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