2013 University Applications Are Behind Us

It is a relief to have the application deadline behind us. Congratulations to my students for completing all of your applications on time and for working so hard on all those essays over the winter break.  A special applause goes to those of you who were accepted Early to any of your universities of choice.

If you were accepted Early Decision, you can relax a bit but just not too much! Also remember to contact any other universities where you have pending applications to let them know that you have been accepted ED somewhere else. A simple e-mail will do.

For those of you deferred or denied to an ED or EA school, I certainly feel for you. It is hard to get a rejection.  Identifying which steps to take will depend on your situation but it’s time to regroup and figure out your strategy going forward.

Keep up with your academics with the knowledge that universities will see your mid-year marks as well as your final year marks.  A few more months and you will all be university students!