Our Process

SCAD-logoWe begin by getting to know each student in depth.

At Select College Admissions, each client is celebrated as a unique individual. Through comprehensive interviews and in-depth assessments, we discern a student’s strengths, needs, learning style and short-term and long-term goals, and career aspirations. Going beyond academics, we consider the whole of a student’s personality type. We take into account values, motivation, athletic ability, interests in the arts, as well as community service, social skills, blind spots, and anything else that is an important consideration in this process.

Similarly, in refining an applicant’s list of desired colleges and universities, we look beyond test scores. Academic communities vary widely in tones of formality, competitiveness, and campus culture which is why we focus on finding the right ‘fit’. We also empower students to advocate for themselves—encouraging candidates to reflect upon their own strengths and weaknesses, to set short and long-term goals, and to learn how to put their best foot forward. We often hear from parents that in addition to the successful outcome, they value the new maturity they see in their teens as a result of our work together.

We take an organized approach to minimize the stress for the student and the family. We assess our university process each year, always looking for ways to provide the best possible assistance for all, ensuring that our students remain at the center of all we do in order to:

  1. Guide them as they explore activities, discover new interests, and watch as their passions emerge in order to identify an overriding theme for their application and a possible subject area to focus on at university.
  2. Counsel them as they investigate college/university options in search of institutions that would be a good place to pursue their education in terms of match and fit;
  3. Help them present the most advantageous university application package, maximizing their chances of gaining admission to their top choice institution/s;
  4. Organize the process for both students and parents by task and timeline, minimizing stress.

August workshops, offered before the start of our students’ grade 12 year and followed by regular meetings throughout the fall, help us ensure that every detail of a student’s application – essays, teacher recommendations, the interview process, transcripts, and the applications themselves, are tackled early so that students can complete and submit applications in a timely and well-organized manner.

Online sessions can be scheduled for long distance students as well as busy local families who prefer not to waste time sitting in traffic commuting to our location.