GAP Year Planning

SCAD-logo“It Takes Courage to Grow Up & Become who you really are.”  ~E.E. Cummings

A GAP year is a focused, finite period of time in which an individual takes a deliberate break from his or her current academic path in order to explore other interests.  It is not a vacation. It may indeed be fun, adventurous, and exciting, but it should also have a distinct structure and goals.

A GAP year is an opportunity to develop a new skill, gain life experience, explore new parts of the world, and consider how certain interests may fit into a longer term plan of educational, professional, and personal enrichment.

  • It’s an extra year for growing up.
  • Time to mature.
  • Time to gain confidence.
  • Time to explore.
  • Time to process the past.
  • Time to change gears.
  • Time to look ahead.
  • Time to make plans.
  • Time for a curricular, athletic or life boost.

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GAP Year Planning