Summer Planning

SCAD-logoUse Your Summers Effectively!

Summer is the perfect time to seek out new opportunities and experiences. Some students enroll in university programs for a taste of college life. Others embark on bike tours, archeological digs, or service projects abroad. And, of course, many participate in that age-old-ritual, the summer job.

Summer programs help you explore interests, expand your horizons, master a language, gain experience and build credibility in areas you might wish to pursue further in your post-secondary years. Most importantly, summer programs will enrich your life.

Summer programs give you good material to write about in your university applications. What taking enrichment and advanced courses might do, wherever they are taken, is indicate your enthusiasm for a subject area or your excitement about discovery and learning. The fact that you have taken summer enrichment programs in not in and of itself the value-added factor for your application; it is what you take from that experience and how you share that experience with the university admissions representatives through your college essays and applications that could be a determining factor in your acceptance.

Planning your high school summers is similar to playing chess in that you might be preparing an application for one summer program but, at the same time, you’re thinking of the next step after that and the one following the previous, which will ultimately get you closer to your goal of checkmate.

Choosing the right summer program is one of the many ways that Select College Admissions can help you explore or narrow down your interests or optimally position yourself for admission to colleges and universities. Planning must begin early. Some summer programs have December application deadlines and require essays and recommendation letters.

STUDY a subject of your interest – maybe one that is not offered at your school, learn something new, and confirm your area of intended academic focus.

COLLABORATE with faculty in energetic, disciplined classroom conversations or research and experimentation.

BUILD friendships with like-minded peers by engaging in lively discourse and fun activities.

EXPLORE novel locations, local history, cultural attractions or nearby university campuses through group excursions.

ASK bold questions, examine your assumptions and the alternatives, expand your mind.

GAIN CONFIDENCE in who you are.

REINVENT YOURSELF into whoever you want to be!

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