U.S. Application Workshop

Let’s Gear Up for Grad Year: A Common Application Head Start for applicants headed to the U.S.SCAD-logo

Dates: August 3, 4,  2017

Time: 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm

Location: West Vancouver

For information: please call 604.561.6407  or email: info@scAdmissions.com


This session is designed for soon-to-be grads who are in the final stages of determining which U.S. colleges and universities they will apply to next fall and who would like to tackle the application in a supervised setting. As this session is very hands-on, it is intended for students only and enrolment is limited. A laptop is required. Topics include:

  • The Application – Students will be introduced to the various platforms available for U.S. college/university applications and will review expectations, and requirements. Students will establish online accounts and will be guided as they work on the Common Application during the boot camp.
  • Citizenship, Residency, Obtaining U.S. Visas –We will discuss questions related to these issues.
  • Personal Statement – Students will be introduced to the essay prompts in preparation for the following week’s U.S. Essays Workshop.
  • Activity Listing – Students will receive guidance and begin work on listing the details of their extracurricular activities, honors & awards, and leadership.
  • Letters of Recommendation – Students will learn about the many recommendations types (teacher, counselor, peer, other).  We will discuss strategy: who and when to ask, how to facilitate the process, how to invite recommenders to submit online recommendations, how to assign one or more recommenders for each university, and how to check whether submissions have been completed.
  • Prepare for Interviewing – We will cover some do’s and don’ts of interviewing, go over some common questions and do some practice.  A big bonus is learning from your peers.
  • Discuss Marketing Yourself – Reputation management and handling your social media presence is an important facet of today’s application process.
  • Senior Year Timeline – Students will learn how to put together a game plan for managing the application process.SAT and ACT Boot Camps

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