Canadian University Admissions

SCAD-logoCanadian university applications have been going through a major transformation in the past few years.  As part of their application process, more and more universities are practicing ‘broad-based admissions’, requiring some form of writing, whether it be in short question format or longer essays and occasionally an oline video interview.  Scholarship applications require their own set of essays describing leadership roles and community service experience. In addition to having top marks, students must be able to write well and to showcase their talents and extracurricular accomplishments. It is the students’ success in presenting their case through the essays and application material, in addition to their coursework and school marks, which is often determinative of their admissions success.

At Select College Admissions we begin working with students applying to Canadian universities early in grades 9 and 10 to help them plan their grade 11 and 12 courses, identify activities they might wish to join and contribute to, and plan ahead for productive summers in order to help them narrow down their interests and to give them that competitive edge in the admissions process.  Early preparation can make all the difference.

Whether applying to programs in Arts, Applied Sciences/Engineering, pure Sciences including Pre-Med programs, or Business and Commerce, the educational consultants at Select College Admissions can meet all of your university admission needs.  We work individually with each of our students, planning ahead, brainstorming, strategizing, and revising to optimize each application, each essay and prepare students for video interviews. Our individualized approach has led to the success of our students in gaining admission to some of the more competitive universities and programs in Canada and abroad.


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